Learn how to better connect with investors

Issuing time:2018-04-04 17:48

1, as much as possible to improve the information, and release the project, which allows more people to understand you:

There are many investors who do not keep data on the Internet because they are afraid of too much harassment, but they are also keeping an eye on our website and looking for good projects on our platform, so if your information is incomplete, the project If the description is unclear or the project is not released, then you are less likely to be concerned by investors. Moreover, our content rankings are also related to the completeness of your data, so don’t be afraid to spend a little time to complete the project content, and do not use ambiguous titles such as “a good project” and so on. Make as clear and concise as possible what you are doing and will do. If you have a business plan, it's best to attach it later.

  Being a premium member (gold member, platinum member, diamond member) will allow your data to be ranked first, so upgrading to a premium member will give you better results. (Learn about premium membership services)

2. Use the Find Money section to find counterpart investors:

  As an entrepreneur, many times you need to take the initiative to seek out counterparty investors. First of all, you need to understand the stage of your project, analyze the project's industry characteristics and its own advantages, and delineate the possible sense of your project. Target investor range of interests. For example, if you have an early project, unless you have a very strong operational team or technical background, then your investors are mainly angel investors and some companies doing industry. Venture capital companies basically don’t consider your project if your project goes through After a period of operations, you have accumulated certain advantages in technology, market, or team and need additional funds to expand market share. Then you can focus on finding venture capital companies here.

  Our website has divided the types of investors and their regions.

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